Cambodia 4

Banteay Srei Ruins  Temple of beautiful sculpture

We left in early morning at 6:00. It exists in the area of human dwellings which is more

than 1 hour drive from the central area. Perhaps it is for this reason that the ruins

remained so clean and pretty as to be incomparable with any other ruins.   Being made of

hard laterite which withstands water exposure, the buildings are red-colored and giving

strong image.  The gorgeous and impressive temple was seen blooming solidly in the land

of Cambodia. There I found what is called the Mona Liza of the East, the sculpture with

beautiful smile. In the Hindu temple comprising three towers, the sculpture is extremely

refined, high quality, and beautiful.  I could well imagine the lively lifestyle of people of

that time and I was finally able to regain the ordinary feelings here in Cambodia.  The

journey to Cambodia is not just meant to walk through the ruins and historical locations

but it also makes us confront the nature of the war which Japanese have likewise

experienced, for the Cambodia is the place where people are made to realize that it is

absolutely impermissible for people to kill people.  Since my sensation was almost getting

out of order, I felt this temple was kind of an oasis. While traveling, the other tourists

concurrently travelling there from the world have been feeling same way.  There were so

many who were concerned with the earthquake damage of Japan. It was then that I came

to know the news about the Bin Laden. I wonder what to make of the dark side of modern

society?  I feel a sense of crisis that even Japan might end up in real danger if each and

every individual in the country does not continue to take positive actions seriously with

high sense of awareness that Japanese have no option but to work hard to get ourselves

back together and should not be whining out in such a situation.