Cambodia 3

“Ta Prohm” Ruins   Power of nature 

It has been left unattended in the jungle for a long time with its 70% more or less having

collapsed. The remains are left in such way that it is beyond all imagination to guess how

the era at that time was like. It is impossible to express with words the creepy formation of

the roots of a giant tree being tangled in the ruins.  The ruins make us comprehend what

Cambodia is all about.   Cambodia used to have beautiful and wonderful periods in ancient

times but the long period of war that followed has failed to keep up its beautiful culture.

Upon thinking that the Cambodia is the country where what was once beautiful has ended

up being engulfed by the natural zest for living showing the menace for the human beings

just as it is, the way of its history and the lives of its people weigh my heart heavy and



Then, it came up to my mind that people might eventually end up just like them at the

time of dying. It may be like the situation in which we are still living even while

understanding and accepting the life and death, particularly the death.  We will forever

carry around the memory of the scene where it was being swallowed by the great power

which we had no option but to accept.


I thought that, while there are many kinds of pains that people suffer, we should acquire

the power to tackle the pains as long as they are less than hovering between life and death.

The resilience of the children who are being raised in Cambodia and taking the ruins as

the normal matter of nature may not be possible for the children living in the developed

country of Japan.  In the current situation where Japanese children cannot to have the

mental strength to work their way to manage what will otherwise go wrong, I wonder if

they become able to acquire the mental strength and the education so that their power will

not be sucked out by the people of strong and resilient countries. I’m really worried.