Sophisticated attire to effectively match jewelry that suits you.

Breathe energy coming from the land and people into your item of affection.

This is a technique only for people who can intelligently spend time

in countries and lands visited.




chi01 chi03 chi02


A trip to China to enjoy near-future.

Enjoy wearing modern jewelry sophisticated with mysterious “red”.

Rubellite ring with a motif of a sun VS Carnelian ring

SYMBOLIC JEWELRY with prayer and message to you in the color and motif

of the stone will blend will with the grand land.

This is a sophisticated style of coordinate with the mature usage of red letting

the intelligent sexiness stand out.

How about enjoying the China trip with style?

※Meaning of the motif (sun) : Symbol of male, showing fertility and light.

It is said to get rid of the evil, and to bring success and courage.






tur tur02


A trip to Turkey to enjoy the beautiful paradise, the city of trade.

A captivating attire as you enjoy the blue and white modern jewelry.

Jewelry coordinate of matching beaded necklace with beads aligned in mosaic pattern,

together with a pendant head with the beauty of turquoise standing out.

How about enjoying your trip to Turkey with jewelry brisk like the clear sky and sea?

※Turquoise: It is called a “stone of courage and hope” that brushes off any negative energy.

Also, it is also referred to as a stone that will protect you from danger even

by sacrificing oneself.

Therefore there is a myth that the stone cracks or fades color

when disclosed to malicious energy.






egy01 egy02


An exotic trip to Egypt.

Jewelry coordinate that shines to the desert and the scorching sun.

The pendant head and brooch with the two colors of gold aligned by meticulous calculation,

matching the characteristic marquis cabochon, color, and baguette cut,

will add a flash of shine to your elegant mature style.

Wearing the design meticulously calculated like the “golden ratio” of the pyramid,

together with the power of stones, how about enjoying the trip to Egypt?

※Green Tourmaline: A stone with an extremely strong tie with the natural world,

and is said to be good for beauty and health.

※Onyx: A stone to stabilize your own central axis, not to be influenced by those around.

※Smoky quartz: Out of the crystal group, this is the stone most suited for connecting

the energy of land to your body.