Wearing Minimum Jewelry in a Sportive Style



Wearing Minimum Jewelry in a Sportive Style: Brooches


Mini brooches change neckties and ribbons to your own style.

Casually wearing them on your tie knot will sophisticate your attire

Enjoy your new style by matching classic items such as pins

and brooches with sports casual fashion.








Wearing Minimum Jewelry in a Sportive Style:Cuff Links


A style to enjoy cuff shirts in a casual style.

How about combining materials and textures, and matching jackets with sportswear,

such as sweatshirts and nylon parkas?

The pure shine on your sleeve will give a slightly elegant and brisk impact.






Wearing Minimum Jewelry in a Sportive Style:Petit Brooch


How about enjoying mini-brooch, which you can enjoy as a pin badge,

by boldly wearing it on your feet?

The white shine will surely attract eyes,

and the geometrical motif will form an oriental impression.

By having just one piece of universal motif,

you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of fashion coordinate.






Wearing Minimum Jewelry in a Sportive Style:Bracelet


Bracelet for those who can’t be satisfied with beads or leather.

Right amount of volume and the sharp silver line will make the attire elegant.

This is deep mature attire that may appear simple at a glance,

but with many design skillfully embedded.


The color variations itself, all white, all black, MIX of white and black,

will let you simply enjoy the changing allure of jewelry.