Fitting to your body with time, the appeal of leather is its fit.

By managing it with caution, it will gradually start to emit its own color of shine.

“Silver” is recommended to match leather,

for it changes expression and shine with passage of time.

Choose SILVER of the texture that fits yourself,

as you fully understand the allure of SILVER tailor.







With its good chemistry with studs and zippers,

military jackets can be worn in various scenes,

considering its ability to harmonize with natural shines.

“YG×WG” jewelry to match natural color,

will harmonize with natural shine like sunlight and water light.







Sportive and fashionable parkas let you to beautifully casual down,

and charmingly add rock taste.

It also allows you to show a lohas image by adding knit neckwear following this year’s trend.

Jewelry to match such style is “BG×WG” = The most powerful contradicting beauty.

The chemistry between the harmonious inhumane world

and fashion can be enjoyed together

with the change of expression jewelry makes when worn.







The perfect detailed fashionable coordinate leads to an original style = dandyism.

How about enjoying dandyism,

by fully understanding which jewelry draws out “allure and personality” within people?

Creating your own style in a free manner with items, colors,

and design will upgrade your favorite suit.