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Business manner (appearance)

There is an old saying, “Appearance shows background”.

Meaning, a person’s dignity shows through their appearance and manners.”


In business scenes, people are more judged by their appearance as they age.

But on the contrary, appearance can become good opportunities as well.


Beauty requires time.

Daily efforts for improving appearance will surely be accumulated,

as it will be refined together with inquisitive mind and experience.

Then, like the growth ring of a tree,

the accumulated original style starts to shine as the “way of life”.

Together with “way of life” reflecting one’s life,

I wish for people to have their own respective “aesthetics”.

With these, jewelry can be enjoyed by coordinating in an intelligent manner,

matching the scene and fashion.


Enjoy your own style of jewelry coordinate = mature jewelry pleasure, at AS.





リボン フリルの歴史 リボン フリルの歴史-(1)

History of ribbon and frill

In the 16th century, gentlemen used to tie their shirt collars with ribbons and strings.

These ribbons and strings later became ties.

In other words, ribbons are the original form of men’s fashion.


“Ruffs” to decorate gentlemen’s collars and sleeves were commonly

seen in western men’s clothing during the 16th century.

It was such a sensation, that people had to regulate the ruff width by class.

Decorating collars and sleeves were thought to be a status symbol for men that time,

and was a privilege only for upper class men.


Ribbons and frills tend to be considered feminine these days.

I hope to utilize them in various pieces for both sexes in AS “La Fête JEWELRY”,

and for people to enjoy them in free and fashionable way.





カフリンクスの歴史 カフリンクスの歴史-(1)

History of cuff links

According to “CUFF LINKS” (by Susan Jonas and Marilyn Nissenson),

cuff links became the form we know today in the late 18th century. Before then,

it was a decoration piece to tie the cuffs in the early 16th century,

and ribbons and strings were put through cuff holes to tie them.


I hope you will pursue your own style of attire in a modern fashion,

different from the symbolic style of knights and upper-class people,

through AS “Jewelry for gentlemen”.





Points for effective JEWELRY wear

Casually wear jewelry in an elegant manner impressively, as if wearing fragrance.

Consider the item, size, and balance depending on your attire and the scene,

and enjoy your own style of jewelry wear.


POINT 1. Choose items that symbolizes and fit yourself, depending on the place you wear it.

POINT 2. Make it a daily item.

POINT 3. Enjoy the changing reactions of people around.