Classic Suit × Jewelry

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Classic Suit×Color Bar

The pin-hole type color bar which elegantly decorates

the collar is an item you would want to apply not only for party styles,

but also for formal styles.


Architecturally drawing a three-dimensional V-zone with your favorite tie

is a technique to make your facial impression sharp.

Find color bars to match pin-hole collar shirts, which you can only find at AS .







Classic Suit×Pin

Pins that will elegantly and uniquely decorate your jacket collar can be used as

an item to symbolize you in business and party scenes.


How about enjoying new encounters and conversations,

with the usage of stylish pins with a story?




クラシックスーツ×カフリンクス スーツ×カフリンクス-(1)

Classic Suit×Cuff Links

People are often judged by their appearance in business scenes.

However, people are sought to outstrip elegance.

Cuff links are fundamental for such attire.


Make your attire elegant when wearing a high-quality suit style!

Matching a well-tailored shirt, necktie and suit,the intelligent and stylish cuff links keeping

the balance of the jacket and the cuff, will surely attract many.


How about owning a special pair of cuff links with good material and quality?

You will encounter a different self, by adding jewelry to your attire.


“Gentlemen’s elegance is wearing your personality and position, and strengthening it.”

By Leonardo Ferragamo





クラシック×スーツ クラシック×スーツ-(1)

Classic Suit×Pocket Handkerchief

World’s first type of item that decorates your neckline; pocket handkerchief

and card jewelry.

Enjoy the unique attire with jewelry.

Card jewelry of AS “La Fête” will make that attire possible.


How about adding the sharp shine of jewelry to the usage of pocket handkerchiefs rich

with various expressions depending on how you fold it?

You will attract eyes to your neckline by uniquely using handkerchief in a different way

from the gloss of silk.