Dressing Up Your Feet

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Dressing Up Your Feet I




An anklet showing intelligence with calm chic colors.

A fashionable design with circle and button-shaped beads aligned in a meticulously calculated way.

This is a piece which matte texture of similar colors will let elegance stand out.


Color design


Usage of similar colors is effective for unifying the overall impression,

and impressing the message the color holds.

With BLUE, which gives an impression of trust, cleanliness, and stability,

as an accent and coordinating with similar colors, the overall impression will be elegant and calm.





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Dressing Up Your Feet II




An anklet with beads of different colors and shapes aligned like planets.

Coexistence can be felt from this fashionable design.

This is a piece that will let men’s allure stand out. Not only the “wild” allure,

but also generosity and warmth.


Color design

An unique and sophisticated design, with brown, black, and navy boldly aligned on yellow.

When actually worn, yellow which seems to have impact, will blend with skin color,

and will leave a different impression.

The dots of different sizes will tone the piece up, with color and texture leaving a warm impression.





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Dressing Up Your Feet III




With blue aragonite in the center, this fashionable anklet aligns blue, green, and yellow.

The modest shine of the cut-button beads lets the sporty briskness stand out.

This is the piece to show intelligent fashionability with aragonite,

which is also known as “mountain coral”.


Color design


“Unity”, which is the appeal of using similar colors, will leave a calm impression,

but at the same time could also give a dull impression with monotone colors.

The usage of white as an accent, its briskness and clean image will be added,

and a sportive impression will be completed.





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Dressing Up Your Feet IV




An anklet flashing on tanned skin.

The chic gray draws a line, and juicy yellow and orange stones shine elegantly on this anklet.

This special anklet with the clear stones blending well with skin color is one of its kind.


Color design


This design uses gray, a low-saturated color, as the base color,

and glamorously aligns high-saturated color such as yellow and orange.

Orange with the warmth like the sun, and the dynamic yellow leaves a bold impression.

However, when worn, orange and yellow blends well with the skin,

and the calm chic gray tones the overall image up with the elegant shine.


How about fashionably dressing up your feet by using effective colors this year?