Dressing Up Your Neckline


Dressing Up Your Neckline 1

Snap tie, crosstie, Knot/not (scarf), Ascot tie, snap bow tie.

Like the neck accessory which you can wear with just one-touch without the necessity to tie,

beaded necklace can be used for your neckline as if wearing an Ascot scarf or stole.


For those who are not satisfied with typical fashion and seek something mature,

intelligently wearing a beaded necklace that is specific of natural stone colors,

textures, and shape, is recommended.


“Making loose attire possible with jewelry”

This is a fashion coordinate method possible only for mature people.





Dressing Up Your Neckline 2


Night view×Black

A chic coordinate style of “black on black” suit style with a stole of a similar color.

The monochrome long-beaded necklace with a mix of stones

in different shapes is recommended.

The shine like a futuristic city floating in the night sky will finish

the coordinate to be modern.


Also, the way of letting the jewelry peak between a glossy jacket and shirt is recommended.

How about enjoying a coordinate style of mastering onyx with texture and shape?





Dressing Up Your Neckline 3


 Moonlit night×Gray

The elegant color shade of gray is one of the colors that best matches people’s skin.

Also, the matte texture similar to skin type goes very well with skin,

and will make a quality modern coordinate possible.


Just like being specific about the length and width of stoles,

being specific about necklace length and bead size considering balance

with height and hairstyle, will lead you to your unique style.



Shijuu-hatcha hyaku nezumi” (Forty-eight browns and hundred grays)

This phrase was invented in the late Edo-period,

and its meaning is not just “forty-eight colors of brown and one hundred colors of gray”.

It tells how many shades of brown and gray was created

with the “smartness” and “creativity” of the people at that time.

(There actually were approximately eighty types of brown and seventy of gray.)





Dressing Up Your Neckline 4


Starlit sky×Blue

Like the countless stars spreading across the night sky, a necklace with cut pyrite inlayed.


How looking up at the sky and stars connecting the world calms people down,

necklace that draws out the impression of silence and briskness goes well together

with various fashion style, and is a versatile color that matches both casual

and elegant scenes.


Like a high-quality stole and scarf providing calmness and elegance,

how about using a high-quality luxurious long necklace?






Dressing Up Your Neckline 5



Necklace resembling sunlight and shade spreading over desert, and blazing earth.


This necklace goes well together with a lightly tanned skin,

and will give a powerful impression when matched with a well-toned body.

By placing with colors such as yellow, green, and black,

a wider range of fashion can be enjoyed, such as “sportive ethnic safari”.


All beaded necklaces of AS collection are one of its kinds, and has a very luxurious design.

Necklace which you wish to have after bracelet, and will replace a stole.

How about enjoying dressing up your neckline with high-class natural stone jewelry

you won’t find anywhere else?