Jewelry in MAKIMONO vol.1 


Fashionable neckwear [plain color]×JEWELRY

Keep your plain-color neckwear luxurious with good material,

for texture will be the key for plain-color items.

Coordinate jewelry to create your own story on a plain-color canvas, is recommended.


Using PINS to resemble “shooting stars”.

“Moderno Classico: Horse tail×Star motif”


“Shooting stars” are said to make your wish come true.

After attracting every lady’s eyes, how about making your wish come true

by bringing this month’s horoscope?




Jewelry in MAKIMONO vol.2 


Fashionable neckwear [paisley]×JEWELRY

Make the orthodox paisley pattern modern!

Coordinate jewelry of making paisley pattern, imperative for dress-up, to be modern.


Curve line resembling water drops is the characteristic of moderno classico.

The mature style of enjoying spiders to assimilate with the paisley pattern.

Orthodox pattern×PINS

Enjoying the usage of PINS by changing the classical pattern with history to modern,

with a flashing shine and shape.


How about cleverly enjoying the mature authentic coordinate

with the shape of pattern×PINS?





Jewelry in MAKIMONO vol.3 


Fashionable neckwear [Tartan check]×JEWELRY


Wear this year’s trend pattern “Tartan check” in a more POP style!

Moderno classico line that resembles belt buckle: The mature usage of jewelry

to elegantly enjoy classical patterns in a POP style, using belt.


It is possible to make the golden square shape into a frame, and to create a modern painting.

A style to intelligently enjoy the world of wonder which only you can secretly see,

by looking at the jewelry from different directions.


How about luxuriously enjoying the familiar pattern in your own style?





Jewelry in MAKIMONO vol.4 


Fashionable neckwear [colorful]×JEWELRY


Modern neckwear comes in variety of colors, with the design shape, pattern,

and material evolving.

In order to enjoy your own style, show your individuality by using icon PINS.


The world of PINS will broaden with just one piece of universal motif.

An asymmetric star motif can be worn with uniqueness,

by the metal color, position, and angle.


An eye-catcher using a piece of PIN.

How about enjoying an encounter that may start with a PIN?