デニム語源01 デニム語源-(1)

Word Origin of “Denim”

Denim is a thick cotton cloth made with tenth warp or higher dyed with indigo,

and weft twilled with string that has not been dyed.

Many white wefts can be seen behind the cloth.

It is normally used for making a pair of jeans, but is also used for bags.

Young generation nowadays refer to pair of jeans as “denim”,

but is officially the material name.


The direct origin is said to be the French term, “serge de Nimes”.

This “serge de Nimes” was sometimes called “Geneva”,

for this “serge de Nimes” was exported from Geneva, Italy.

Geneva is “Genua” in Anglo-Latin, and “Gêne” in French,

and this is the origin for the word “jean” in English.




ダークデニム ダークデニム-(1)

The Standard Dark Blue Denim×Rough Stone

How about using rough stones for bracelets to match standard denim?

Rough stones let the natural features of raw stones stand out.

The elegant and natural shine of the material will slightly upgrade casual fashion,

and could be further enjoyed by adding uniqueness.




グレーデニム グレーデニム-(1)

Trend Gray Denim×One-tone Bracelet

 How about enjoying layers of color bracelets to match the trend gray denim this season?
Gray lets the beauty of colors stand out,
and this will be effective when using bracelets in layers.
Your elegant attire will effectively give impression of the beauty of colors,as you wear one-tone bracelet,

with high-class design and a mixture of shape and design, in layers.






BLACKデニム BLACKデニム-(1)

Highly Recommended Black Denim×Silver Motif

How about a style of matching a bracelet effectively using silver material gloss and motif,

with black denim, which represents mode style?

AS collection bracelets uses cubes, shells, and rock motifs on silver.

Enjoy the unique fashion with the chic usage of silver as an accent in mode style.





デザイン デザイン-(1)

Design Denim×Anklet

People may hesitate enjoying vitamin color bracelets on their wrists.

Fashion on your feet can be thoroughly enjoyed by matching

the anklets with cropped pants, rolled-up or short pants.

Because it is a hidden fashion spot on your body,

natural jewelry anklets will let you enjoy the usage of bold shapes and colors.