AS by atsuko sano Jewelry NAVI Motif



“Motif jewelry” can be enjoyed in a wide range, from classical standard pieces to

pieces highly depending on individual taste.

Eternal motifs for women’s jewelry are ribbons, hearts, stars, flowers, birds, and animals.

For men’s jewelry, animal motifs are dragons, horses, frogs, snakes, and dragonflies.

Hobby motifs are cars, ships, and sports items etc.

Emblems have been motifs in the past, too.

AS has been proposing a geometric motif based on ring, a symbol of happiness,

as “AS mark of beauty”.


Block beauty, line beauty, and spatial beauty is utilized in the process of leading the motif design

to the final figure.

It is only natural for people’s desires to change with time.

Therefore, the enjoyable way is to casually take in the motif of respective times and ages.

Skull motifs have been considered as fashion trend in the past ten years.

From the jewelry point of view, skull has been used as a symbol during mourning or

to watch over the dead,from thousands of years ago.


As I look forward to the next trend motif,

I also believe deciding and wearing your personal motif is a stylish way of enjoying jewelry.

Those experienced with jewelry casually wears their own motif.

Try enjoying finding your own motif, as you choose your jewelry.