AS by atsuko sano Jewelry NAVI Spatial beauty (Space×Light×Background)



“Spatial beauty” is the type of beauty that has both “silence” and “motion”.

What is born after the cross of various figures, together with precisive balance sense,

is “spatial beauty”.

Not only with jewelry, but beauty born from space is grand,

as it takes in scenery, air, and light.

There is also “flat and steric” within space,

and sense of security can be felt in a flat space with silence,

and free motion can be felt as the space becomes more steric.

Due to the fact that jewelry items are small,

it will not create large-scale spatial beauty as the construction buildings do.

With the delicate spatial beauty weaved by small dimensions,

AS aims to create a natural flow that allows people

to quickly sense the reason why such simple space exists there.

This is because by valuing the natural flow,

it will become stylish when matching with clothes and background scenery.


The AS symbol mark was also born in the process of pursuing “spatial beauty”.

From this mark, feeling of security, happiness, and durability can be felt.